Magic Stick E-Hookah - The New Alternative

Choose low nicotine or non-nicotine options

Magic Stick Club Edition

Magic Stick Club Edition Zero (0) nicotine come in 8 flavors (1200 puffs)
- Mango
- Peach
- Wild Honey
- Pena Colada
- Sea Breeze
- Passion Fruit
- Kiwi Strawberry
- Buttery Nipple
more flavors coming soon.

Magic Stick E-Hookah

Magic Stick E-Hookah 6mg nicotine come in 7 flavors (800 puffs)
- Midnight Dream Chocolate Mint
- Razzy Berry Blast
- Moody Melon
- T-Punch Crush
- Grape
- Naked Strawberry
- Fantasy Apple
more flavors coming soon


Magic Stick e-Hookah is the new alternative to smoking cigarettes.  With exciting flavors and a fashionable look and feel, you don’t have to be ashamed to feed your need to smoke.  With no tar and no tobacco, this disposable electronic hookah lets you vape almost anywhere.